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Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Breed of Hybrid Cars

About Hybrid Cars

The New Breed of Hybrid Cars - Hybrid SUV

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While hybrid cars have been around now for some time, now you can find a hybrid SUV as well, which is thrilling to many people. Some people need a bit more than a small car but they love the great benefits and features of the hybrid technology, which is why various companies are now making a hybrid SUV. These hybrid sports utility vehicles are special large vehicles that use both the power of a gas engine and an electric motor as well. This gives great power but helps to keep the vehicle fuel efficient as well. There are both mild hybrids and strong hybrids available. The mild hybrids mainly depend on gas engines and have only a small motor that is electric, while the strong hybrids have electric motors that have a larger role in powering the vehicle.

Various Models Made

There are a variety of hybrid SUV models that are being made today. Both Lexus and Toyota offer their own hybrid SUV models. You'll also find that Honda offers a hybrid SUV, but it is considered to be a very mild hybrid. While there still are not a whole variety of different hybrid SUV models being made today, in the future it is expected that more manufacturers will begin producing a variety of different SUV hybrids.

Features and Functions

There are a variety of features and functions that will come along with a hybrid SUV. Usually you will find that when you are driving at lower speeds, the electric motor will provide most of the momentum for the vehicle and the extra power is used to help recharge the batteries in the vehicle. Also, these vehicles have continuously variable transmissions in them as well, which mean that the gears shift smoothly and provide smooth power no matter which mode you are in.

A Solution to High Gas Prices

One of the best things about owning a hybrid SUV is that they can help to offer a solution for high gas prices. For those who need to drive SUVs, gas prices really have made an impact. With gas close to three dollars a gallon and SUVs getting very low gas mileage, it can definitely cramp your budget. Having a hybrid SUV can help you save on gas prices without you have to go with a car that is much smaller than what you really need. So, for those who are feeling the crunch of high gas prices, a hybrid SUV is a great option.

Great for Heavy Duty Needs

Another reason that many people are thrilled with the idea of a hybrid SUV is because it is great for heavy duty needs. It has the power needed to haul and tow, and this is especially aided b the special continuously variable transmission that offers you all the power you need at any gear level. So, for those who need something heavy duty and fuel efficient, once again the hybrid SUV is an excellent choice. 

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) are designed for people who want power and luxurious interior design for their cars. That is why most SUVs come with large engine capacity and a wide range of add on accessories. However, many SUV owners are in a dilemma right now because of the high gasoline prices at the local pump ...

The market for the best hybrid sports utility vehicles (SUVs) has been experiencing a steady expansion over the last few years. The reasons are not at all complex to comprehend. The best hybrid SUVS have all the good attributes of the traditional SUVs plus some additional advantages. Like all good SUV's. Telling the difference between a gas hog and a more fuel efficient vehicle when, your driving a gas only vehicle is usually pretty easy to do. You can tell which ones are better, your not only the environment but also which ones are easier on your pocket book. The ones that people usually lean towards as being the best at these.

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