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Sunday, January 10, 2010


AFS Trinity, a small company headquartered in Bellevue Washington has developed a system that can turn a production hybrid SUV, strait off the showroom floor, into a 150 MPG Plug-In Hybrid SUV! The Extreme Hybrid (XH TM) is a system that can be adapted to an existing vehicle. Its uses technology we have today so there's no need to wait for fuel cells or pure electric cars to mature. We could all be driving at 150 MPG today.

78% of Americans drive less than 40 miles per day. For these drivers this system may never fire up its gasoline or flex-fuel motor. Instead the batteries and electric motor will power the car from the charge it received at home. When the batteries run low the efficient combustion motor kicks in to charge the batteries and drive the car. In a just few years the system pays for itself in gas not burned.
Ideally main stream automakers take notice of this and all the other technologies popping up this week as a result of the North American Internal Auto Show in Detroit. Hopefully main stream auto makers will jump on board and begin implementing these simple innovative ideas in their own cars. This system for example could easily be licensed by big automakers and installed in cars now.

You can make a significant difference by waiting to buy your next car until a super efficient Plug-In Hybrid is available. When you choose spend your money only on the best technology and you show that you're willing to wait for it, auto makers will take notice and make the right decision. Choose to wait. Choose to buy a 100+ MPG vehicle as your next new car. Vote with your wallet!

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