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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Plug In America - Plug-in Vehicle Tracker

Plug In America is providing the following for informational purposes only. They do not endorse or recommend any specific vehicle manufacturer or distributor.

Vehicle Finder: Cars & Trucks
2 & 3 Wheeler Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles

Latest major changes:

Added Ginetta G50 EV, Rolls Royce Electric Phantom, Volvo C30 EV, Mavizen TTX02, Myers Motors Duo, SABA Carbon Zero

Revised Lumeneo SMERA, Tata Indica EV, Tesla Roadster, Arcimoto Pulse, Smith Newton

Key terms: EV: Electric Vehicle, PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (includes Range Extended Electric Vehicles), AER: All-electric range, AVAILABLE: can be ordered by the general public and units are shipping now, Mule: development vehicle, normally in body of existing vehicle, can be driven to test key components, SOC: state-of-charge

What vehicles get listed? Many companies have announced a vehicle, or have produced artwork or vehicle renderings. To be included on this list, companies must have completed a concept, demonstration, or mule vehicle. They also support safety and have elected to include vehicles which have been safety certified or intend to be certified. They do not include aftermarket conversions which have not been safety certified.

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